Fashion Bits And Bobs: September 2009

3885452536_1d1209f7e3_o-1355080 Meet Townhouse – a concept store in the heart of Old Town Zurich. It opened up a few months ago and has already become one of my favourite stores. Not only do they have a very fine selection of products, the owners of the store are so friendly and welcoming that I’m no longer just paying a visit because of their assortment (of which most products aren’t available anywhere else in Switzerland) but also to have a little chat with them about all sorts of things. It’s one of those stores that make you want to go on a shopping frenzy once you’ve entered it. Luckily, most products aren’t too expensive and yes – they have an online shop as well.

“By building long term partnerships with local as well as international brands, established as well as upcoming brands, we want to ensure a diversified and exclusive mix of products in the areas of art, fashion and home accessories. We continuously strive what we believe are the best products from all over the world.” – Owners of Townhouse

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Address: Townhouse Weite Gasse 4 8001 Zürich Phone +41 43 843 70 00

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