Fashion Bits And Bobs: October 2012

mg_1658-8330334 Yashica T4
It has been over two months since I last updated my blog and even though it sounds like an extremly long time it actually felt like it was just yesterday when I updated this blog. It has been an extremly busy time with full of assignments, travels and food – people following me on Instagram know a bit more what I was up to. I want to clarify that I have no intentions of abandoning this blog even though updates might be coming in slowly from time to time. Enough said, let’s talk about my second item that I want to show you. It is a compact camera I carry around with me every day. It is small, light and fits into any pocket or bag. It still uses film and is therefore superior to most digital compact cameras as it delivers very nice colours and skin tones depending on the film you are using and you still get to play with the depth of field due to the incredibly sharp fixed 35mm lens with f/3.5 aperture. Also, the flash is quite nice and my personal favourite among all flashes from other film compact cameras. Most of my photographs on my photo blog are taken with this little camera.