Fashion Bits And Bobs: October 2010


Shirt & Cardigan by Acne, Trousers by Topman, Sweater by COS, Scarf from my father, Shoes by Rachel Comey, Socks by American Apparel

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Wow, it has been over two months since my last bits and bobs entry, because lately I haven’t had as much time as I used to (mainly because of school and some travels during summer to Istanbul and London) and I always have several hours for an outfit entry. You have already seen a preview of this outfit on my last sunday entry. This knit cardigan out of Angora wool was my must-have for this fall and winter. It has got openings on the sleeve for your thumb to keep your hands warm while you can still use them just like with gloves. The long yarn of the Angora wool gives it quite a nice texture. Smooth woollen garments like pure Merino wool often look too dapper for my taste, especially in combination with a shirt. It is so comfy and warm that I wanna live in it. Also, I have never paid much attention to socks but this pair with a seed stitched pattern made me realise how crucial they can be to an outfit.