Fashion Bits And Bobs: November 2012

Fashion Industry Confessions must be one of the most hyped Tumblrs in the fashion industry right now. Everyone is reading it from fashion students to editors of magazines. If you have been following any fashion news you might have heard of the rumours of H&M partnering up with Givenchy for their next designer collaboration. Fashion Industry Confessions was the website that started the whole rumour in the first place. Interns and other people involved in the fashion industry send in bits of informations anonymously and some of them get published on the Tumblr. How true or untrue they are is mostly left to the reader. The Tumblr predicted the cover girl of the September issue of Vogue US correctly though back in May. And we all love a little bit of gossip, don’t we? conf1-6918118 conf2-6658329 conf3-9316623 conf4-2642856 conf5-7221646 conf6-3230497 conf7-4689475 conf8-2586350 All pictures © Fashion Industry Confessions