Fashion Bits And Bobs: November 2011

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White Shirt & Scarf & Jeans by Acne, Sweatshirt by Uniqlo, Blazer by Albam, Shoes by Our Legacy for Très Bien Shop, Wool Socks by Falke
Temperature dropped over 10 degrees over the past week and it’s suddenly near the freezing point. But I shouldn’t be surprised as it’s soon December anyway. I am keeping myself warm with layers. Love comfy sweatshirts for that, my wool blazer from Albam and my gigantic scarf from Acne. I recently got these derby shoes from Our Legacy in collaboration and exclusively for Très Bien Shop, which is my favourite online shop. I seriously spend each day a few minutes to look through all the things – fashion candy for my eyes. Back to the shoes. I love the chunky crepe sole and the smooth soft calf leather and the contrast stitching. I was surprised how comfortable they were to walk with. To keep my feet warm I got some thick wool socks in addition.