Fashion Bits And Bobs: June 2010

The Art Basel 2010 took place two weeks ago and I decided to stay almost the whole week at a friend’s place to be able to go to the art fair several times, because it would have been way too much if you wanted to consume it all in one single day plus lots of other little events were also happening during the Art Basel. It is the world’s most important art fair for galleries and collectors. This year, the annual reunion of the international artworld attracted more than 62,500 artists, collectors, curators, and art lovers from around the globe, a new record for attendance at the show.
4745509800_36dca5e7c3_b-6250864 I spent the first day with Nina Egli (designer of Tojours Toi and Family Affairs) and also met Christian Wassmann, who won this year’s art award for architecture. The following days I re-visted Art Basel and Art Unlimited several times. Art Basel is the place, where all the galleries from around the globe represent the artworks (mostly paintings, pictures, photographs and small installations) of their artists. Art Unlimited is in another building with a much bigger hall and enough space to show big installations. This time around, there were a lot of video stuff around and I am not that kind of guy, who is patient enough to stand there and watch it. I also went to see the newly-opened gallery Van Horbourg and attended the Acne Paper 10 launch at Basel’s best clothing store Set&Sekt. Enough of my words, here are a few impressions of my week in Basel, click on any image to enlarge. 4744871531_ce38606d50-2922827 4744871155_715331e6fc-4433857 4744871885_2beede2319-4980067
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See some more pictures on my Visual Diary and the whole set with all descriptions on my Flickr.