Fashion Bits And Bobs: January 2012

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Shirt by American Apparel, Woolen Sweatshirt by Our Legacy, Coat by ASOS, Jeans by Acne, Shoes by Nike, Glasses by Moscot, Socks by Uniqlo
Happy new year everyone!! Thanks for still bearing with me in 2012 even though my blog entries have become somewhat of a rarity these days compared to a year ago. I often have a hard time choosing what to blog about (especially related to fashion) and I don’t want to spam you with outfit entries either but you may rest assured that I am not abandoning this blog. But let’s have a look at my outfit now. Fortunately, there’s no snow in the city (where it only turns into big piles of mud) so I am able to wear these comfortable pair of sneakers from Nike. It’s the same model as in one of my previous entries just in another colour. I love the sporty and relaxed cut of sweatshirts so what’s better than combining that with a warm wool fabric for winter? Our Legacy has become my new favourite brand for basics.