Fashion Bits And Bobs: December 2012

mg_1509-4-4166266 Sweater by A.P.C., Jeans & Hat by Acne, Jacket by A.P.C. x Carhartt At long last I made a new outfit entry. A lot of things have happened since my previous outfit entry and I don’t know where to begin. First and foremost I finally got my own studio, where I can work and take photographs in front of the plain white wall or any background I want to put up. It will help me take outfit entries more often and quicker as I am in the studio almost every day and I don’t have to deal with daylight and weather anymore. The few of you who are following me on Instagram have seen that I have been given a Canon EOS M. I started putting my first shots on my Visual Diary and I also took both these pictures with my new little camera and the included external flash. I am really impressed by the image quality and the compact size but more on that later as I will dedicate my next blog entry to the EOS M and the pictures I have taken so far with it. This was my outfit today. The temperature dropped below 0°C and this jacket is keeping me very warm. I paired the outfit with the shoes below. mg_1524-5582567 Shoes by Our Legacy