Fashion Bits And Bobs: April 2010

Next up in the Zurich City Guide is my favourite café in town: Henrici. It’s fairly safe to say that it’s the best coffee you will get in Zurich and many other people seem to agree with me, since although they have only opened less than a year ago, there are already a lot of regular customers – like me. The coffee is so good because they put a lot of effort into picking the right mix of beans and roasting but also adjusting their machines accordingly. It goes without saying that their coffee comes in various ways and tastes.
4543343379_eee7e3b085_o-1048563 Café Henrici is situated at a beautiful square in the old town of Zurich. To sit on the terrace and watch people pass by must be one of my favourite things to do and I often spend more time here than I should. Besides coffee, they also offer all the other drinks you would expect like tea, beer, wine and other. In case you get hungry there are tartes flambées, soups, sandwiches, bagles, brownies, cakes and lots more. Although their food and coffee is surprisingly different, the prices are low compared to other cafés in town.
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There are three different kind of areas for you to sit inside: the lounge with sofas, tables and chairs and the bar. On Tuesday night, they always organize a local music act, mostly songwriters, to perform at the café – the entry is free. Did I mention that the staff is super-friendly? It all somehow sounds too good to be true, but it is. They must be practicing some kind of dark voodoo.



Kaffeehaus Henrici Niederdorfstrasse 1 8001 Zürich Phone: +41 251 54 54

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