Fashion Bits And Bobs: Istanbul Fashion Week 2010

I was invited to Istanbul fashion week last week by ELLE Turkey along some other bloggers like Pelayo of and various international editors like Kate Lanphear and Anna Piaggi. It was my first time in Istanbul and I got so many impressions and met so many new people that I am still a bit overwhelmed by the whole trip. Everyone I met was so sweet to me. It was only the third Istanbul fashion week and since I did not know any Turkish designers in advance, I was really excited to be able to attend. I have been thinking for a long time how I should put together all my photos and impressions, because I took most of the pictures with my film cameras and I am still waiting for the films to get developed. So I decided to post only my digital pictures in this entry, which are mainly from the runway shows I attended. Once I get the films back, many more photos will follow.
4945197178_6b5abb081d_o-2835634 There were many promising upcoming Turkish designers at Koza Young Designer’s Contest and this is one of the outfits I liked the best.


Kate Lanphear (fashion director of ELLE US) and Neslihan from Styleseeking Zurich

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Atıl Kutoglu

4944613617_b979b86387_o-2987223 4945197656_ea1e77e666_o-4756133

4944615469_48eb7d7cc4_o-5767269 4945199526_824d004fde_o-6565983 Bora Aksu (and you can spot Anna Piaggi in the crowd)

4945197748_d381c67232_o-6686686 4945197814_a427cc28ac_o-9582157

4945197904_ef198a6536_o-2005866 4944614115_2f221f5a22_o-4234888 Arzu Kaprol

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Bahar Korcan

4945198628_5bd45851fe_o-1347237 4945199352_88a4f2e3ec_o-5467836

Özlem Süer


Alessandra Ambrosio for Koton
The looks above are my favourite ones from the shows I attended during Istanbul fashion week 2010. Most shows took place at the same place except the ones of Bahar Korcan and Özlem Süer. The show of Bahar Korcan was more a presentation than a catwalk show and it took place at an old theatre. The show of Özlem Süer took place on an island in the Bosphorus inside an old tower, which must be one of the most beautiful locations for a fashion show ever. You will get more visual impressions once I get my films back. I want to thank again the lovely ELLE Turkey team and the ITKIB without whom this trip to Istanbul wouldn’t have been possible. Watch out for the other photos by the end of the week here and on my Visual Diary. In the meantime, check out the blog entries about Istanbul fashion week on Styleseeking Zurich, KateLovesMe and Seda’s blog!